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At Skillman Barbershop, we are a team of highly skilled and extremely experienced professionals who take pride in our work. We offer only the best for our customer’s looks and tailor to what our customer wants. In our shop, we respectfully understand the specific needs that our customers desire and we work efficiently to accomplish those needs by leaving our customers looking great and feeling satisfied with our work.


Skillman Barber Shop located in Woodside, NY specializes in Men’s Haircuts, Hairstyling, Straight Razor Hot Shaving and other services. Our barbers are committed not only to providing each of our customers with the best haircut, styling service, or shave, but also the absolute highest levels of customer satisfaction. When you set up an appointment BOOK ONLINE or by a call and walk in the door, we’ll be ready for you and you'll be greeted with care.  


If you don’t have an appointment - don’t worry! We gladly accept all walk-in clients and will be ready to cut your hair or give you a great shave as soon as possible. We’ll also provide you with an accurate waiting time estimate so you know what to expect. While you’re waiting you can sit and relax and listen to music, flip through a magazine or watch TV.


If you are ever unsure of what to do with your hair, or wondering what style would look best on you, feel free to ask Mark or any of our professional barbers. We are happy to work with you to come up with an modern style of your choice and deliver it consistently.  

A clean and stylish look can go a long way. When you want to look great and make a memorable impression, visit Mark at Skillman Barbershop!  We are the ONLY barbershop in Queens, NY that provides the highest quality haircuts and hair-styling for affordable prices.  


Remember, when you need to look confident and great for your next job interview, board meeting, wedding, audition or first date, come to Skillman Barber Shop AT ONCE!

COVID-19 Update

Skillman Barbershop will be prepared to provide you with our services following safety precautions.

Please note the following on your next visit:


· We ask that our clients please wear a mask when coming on premises and be on time if appointment is made.

· If you show any signs of sickness we will have to ask you to rebook at another time.

· Hand sanitizer will be provided once you enter the shop.

· Every chair will be sanitized after every client.

· All of barber equipment/tools will be sanitized before each client.

· Each barber will have on face masks, gloves, and/or face shields (optional).

· Until further notice – there will be no lingering or waiting inside the barbershop.

· If you arrive early to your appointment you will be asked to wait outside.

· Our preferred method of payment as of now is credit card or Apple Pay, however cash will still be accepted.

  You can continue to book your appointments at


Thank you all for being so patient and understanding during these times. We hope to see you all very soon!


-Skillman Barber Shop.