Skillman Barbershop was established in 2006 by Mark who has over 20 years of experience in cutting and styling hair. As a third generation barber, Mark has witnessed and contributed to the evolution of barbering.  Mark worked in Manhattan, Long Island and Queens where he learned various haircuts and styles.


At Skillman Barbershop, we specialize in providing traditional old-fashioned men’s hair-cuts, hot shave with straight razor along with current styles that fit today’s modern trends. The staff consists of remarkably skilled hair-styling professionals, dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction that our clients deserve. 

In 2006, Mark decided to open the barber shop in Woodside, Queens. Mark's goal is to provide the best customer experience for our clients. Our approach is professionalism, creativity and efficiency. We strive to ensure that our clients leave our shop confident with their looks. We are proud to service our long term customers from New Jersey, Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn and of course from Queens as well. So come and try to see for yourself if it’s worth to get our amazing haircuts and other services here at the Skillman Barber Shop!

Mark started his career at the age of 17 as a barber in New York City, where he learned to cut hair from his father. His father was one of the best barbers in the city. He won several contests and taught many beginners who are now very successful in their profession. While working full time, Mark graduated from St John's University with Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Business Minor.  Upon graduation, due to economic downturn, Mark decided to stay in the hair styling industry and realized that he is passionate about creating new looks and styles that leave customers amazed with the results. 




Mark is the founder of Skillman Barber Shop. Before opening his own barbershop Mark worked in various locations with extremely talented and highly skilled barbers and hair stylists for over 10 years.  Over the time, Mark acquired many of the techniques and skills but also saw the flaws that most barbers, hairstylists or customers didn’t pick up on. He learned from those flaws and developed his own unique technique for hair cutting and styling.  These styling techniques and skills deliver a precise and consistent haircut to every customer young and old, leaving each one of those customers coming back for more.

COVID-19 Update

Skillman Barbershop will be prepared to provide you with our services following safety precautions.

Please note the following on your next visit:


· We ask that our clients please wear a mask when coming on premises and be on time if appointment is made.

· If you show any signs of sickness we will have to ask you to rebook at another time.

· Hand sanitizer will be provided once you enter the shop.

· Every chair will be sanitized after every client.

· All of barber equipment/tools will be sanitized before each client.

· Each barber will have on face masks, gloves, and/or face shields (optional).

· Until further notice – there will be no lingering or waiting inside the barbershop.

· If you arrive early to your appointment you will be asked to wait outside.

· Our preferred method of payment as of now is credit card or Apple Pay, however cash will still be accepted.

  You can continue to book your appointments at www.skillmanbarbershop.com


Thank you all for being so patient and understanding during these times. We hope to see you all very soon!


-Skillman Barber Shop.